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3 ways to bring more natural light into your home

Wednesday, 5th April 2017

Spring has sprung and the sun is back! Make the most of it with these home improvement ideas designed to bring more refreshing natural light into your home.

Spring means lighter evenings, warmer weather and of course spring cleaning! And if you think your home could use a little more than a thorough once-over, now is a great time to think about home improvements.

Energy efficient glazing can make a huge different to your quality of living and to your energy costs. At a very basic level, however, glass does one thing better than pretty much any other material – it lets glorious natural light into your home.

A conservatory or orangery

A conservatory or orangery is a highly versatile space you can add to your home in a range of configurations. There are many choices of design and the ability to customise the shape, style and materials used means you can specify a conservatory or orangery that fits your purposes and your budget.

As they feature glazing prominently, these home extensions make the most of natural light. They can make excellent spaces for relaxing, studying, dining, recreation and horticulture – to name just a few.

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Bi-folding doors

It’s easy to see why bi-folding doors are a popular option with homeowners – they offer an easy-opening and fully glazed door option that can open up living spaces to the outdoors.

Add to this a range of colour and material choices and you have an excellent way to bring natural light – and the ventilating benefits of fresh air in Spring and Summer – into your home.

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Roof windows

Are there light-deprived parts of your home that you wish you could do more with? Adding glazing in strategic locations can help to transform such areas into light-filled, well-ventilated living spaces brimming with potential.

Roof windows, in particular, can be an excellent solution for places where standard vertical windows cannot be installed. These can include lofts, attics and home extensions.

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