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Concerned with Canvassers during COVID-19?

Friday, 26th March 2021

During the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, it can be difficult to know how the restrictions work in different regions and countries and how your local tradespeople should be operating during these difficult times.

Here at with the help of health and safety and legal experts we’ve come up with a quick checklist to to help you deal with doorstep canvassers and salespeople during these the current lockdowns and how you can still make your home improvements.

In England, doorstep canvassing is legally allowed, but many companies have stopped the activity.  Industry trade body, the Glass and Glazing Federation and the Government advise against door to door canvassing unless it’s absolutely necessary, e.g. a company needs to visit your home to inform you of all the options and/or needs to see your property to provide an accurate estimate of the work.

If canvassers, leaflet distributors, door-to-door salespeople and salespeople or surveyors visit your home, they should all be following the Government safe guidance and observing the social distancing guidelines.

Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts if a canvasser, door-to-door salesman or leaflet distributor knocks your door;


  • Do make sure they stay 2 metres away and that you avoid any physical contact
  • If they don’t have a face covering, then insist they cover their face, mouth and nose  
  • Do try and keep the conversation to a minimum (no more than 15 minutes)
  • If they offer a leaflet or brochure this can be taken, but best ask them to leave it on the doorstep rather than hand it to you
  • If you need or want new glazing to improve your home, ask about the companies, remote options to discuss your job; for example, you can ask:
    • Does your company do video demonstrations of products and services? 
    • Do you have a virtual showroom where your products can be viewed?
    • Does your company do video calls?
    • Does your company carry out risk assessments before starting the job?
    • Does your company train/brief all its tradespeople on the Government health and safety guidance?


  • Don’t let a canvasser or cold calling salesperson into your porch or house or any enclosed area in your home
    • Don’t let them come closer than 2 metres
    • Don’t shake hands
    • Don’t converse for too long (10 or 15 mins max) 
    • Don’t take an object such as a pen or clipboard from them
    • Don’t make any financial transactions

Remember that canvassing and door-to-selling is only allowed at present in England. If you live in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland then there are currently blanket restrictions on this activity.

Pre-booked appointments

If a glazing company has contacted you and booked for a salesperson or surveyor to visit your home then they should follow the Government guidance. So ensure you ask them beforehand if the visit is essential or can be done remotely, i.e. by video or telephone or even by email or post.

If it can’t be done remotely and a salesman or surveyor have to be in your home to estimate the job and measure up, then you can allow (if you live in England, wales or Northern Ireland) a salesperson or surveyor into your home but make sure they are following the Government safe guidance and are staying 2 metres distance from you and anyone else living in your home.

Do’s and Don’ts for salespeople or surveyors in your home


  • Do keep your distance – stay two metres apart
    • Do ask the company to carry out a risk assessment before the job
    • Do ask the company if they have briefed the salesperson or surveyor on the Government health and safety guidance
    • Do make sure the time and date are agreed
    • Do ask the salesperson or surveyor to keep the visit as brief as possible
    • Do ask the salesperson or surveyor to wear a face covering and gloves if possible
    • Do ask them to have hand sanitiser available and to use it prior to entering your home
    • Do wipe down any surfaces that have been touched during the visit including door handles, latches etc.,


  • Don’t shake hands
    • Don’t be closer than 2 metres
    • Don’t offer the salesperson or surveyor any food or drink
    • Don’t converse for too long (10 or 15 mins max) 
    • Don’t take an object such as a pen or clipboard from the salesperson or surveyor

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, pre-booked appointments are allowed but company employees such as salespeople and surveyors just like tradespeople in your home, must follow the Government guidance. In Scotland, only essential work (e.g. emergencies where health and safety may be at risk) may be carried out and the same rules apply regarding government guidance.

For more information on Safe Guidance when doing a home improvement during the COVID-19 pandemic please view or download the free Safe Guide for Homeowners published by the Glass and Glazing Federation. Download Homeowner’s Safe Guide here  

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