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How to create a fit-for-purpose working space in your home

Thursday, 20th August 2020

COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways. The loosening of some elements, like restrictions on seeing family, were much anticipated but some changes seem to be  here to stay, like working from home. In fact, in our recent survey more than one in 10 UK homeowners admitted to wanting to make changes to their property to allow them to work from home more efficiently.

A lot of businesses have reaped the benefits of people working from home with reports of employees being more productive and having greater focus and commitment. With clear advantages from home working, many companies are choosing to continue these practices even as lockdown restrictions are lifted.  If you have benefitted from working remotely and want to carry on, keep reading to find out ways you can make changes to your home to accommodate this without the need for a house move.

Do you have a garden?

If the answer is yes, then a garden room might be the perfect solution for you. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main house, garden rooms are the perfect way to separate your work and home life. Simply walking a few yards to a different space can allow you to turn off at the end of the working day – something we’re sure you’re aware is very important if you’ve been both working and relaxing from your living room!

In the great outdoors and often surrounded by nature garden rooms are also an ideal solution for jobs that require relaxation and headspace – such as a yoga teacher or if you are in a creative industry such as art, copywriting or design. If you’re hosting lessons at home, or via an online streaming service, a garden room is a great way to bring a further element of relaxation and aesthetic appeal to your classes.

Garden rooms also don’t require planning permission as long as they fall within permitted development guidelines, so they can’t have sleeping accommodation and must be single-storey with a maximum eaves height of 2.5m.

Maybe you already have the space indoors?

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If your loft is only used for storage, it might be worth seeing if you can free up the space, because a loft conversion is a great way to add an extra room to your property and allow you to work more comfortably from home. For some loft spaces, the room’s ceiling isn’t high enough to accommodate an active job that requires you to be standing for extended periods of time, but it’s an ideal solution for an office-based job.

Using rooflights or windows in a loft conversion is a great way to increase the natural light and ventilation in a room, which can help improve mood, productivity and reduce stress whilst working.

Considered a conservatory?

modern black aluminium conservatory everest myglazing

A less intrusive way of creating extra space in your home is by installing a conservatory or orangery. In most instances, planning permission isn’t required for a conservatory so it’s a quicker and often less stressful solution when compared to a traditional extension.

If you’re concerned about conservatories being boiling hot in summer and sub-zero in winter then you needn’t worry. Modern conservatories and orangeries have fantastic climate control, meaning they are a great option all year round. Progression in design also means conservatories now integrate seamlessly into even the most modern homes. With clean lines and a range of colours and materials, gone are the traditional white, clunky conservatories of yesteryear.

Make use of your garage

Some people used lockdown and furlough time as an opportunity to set up their own business. Whether you’re now a self-employed beauty therapist, or you make jewellery from home, you’ll need a dedicated space to grow your business. Converting your garage is an easy and cost-effective way to do this, especially if you aren’t using it effectively already. Simply hire a professional to remove the door, build up a wall and install a window. If you want to increase the use of natural light in the room, or even provide an entry point that does not require access from the main house, consider installing bi-fold doors or roof windows/rooflights. When opened, they can make a smaller garage seem much more spacious.  

If you do have work carried out on your home to create a new workspace, we’d love to see it, so make sure you tag us on Instagram using @MyGlazing.

And if you do need to hire a home improvement company, read our Safe Guide to ensure you keep you and your tradespeople safe during the ongoing pandemic

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