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How to make your property more attractive to buyers

Friday, 7th August 2020

If lockdown has got you dreaming of moving into your dream house then you definitely aren’t alone! In fact, when we surveyed over 1,000 homeowners across the UK, 2.3 million of you were making upgrades to your home with a view to selling. And now that stamp duty is being paused on properties up to £500,000, even more people in the UK may be looking to put in an offer on their dream property.

So, where in the UK is most likely to see an influx of properties entering the market? If you’re looking to buy in Plymouth then you might be in luck as one third of those surveyed admitted to making changes to increase the value of their home, so well maintained and upgraded properties may be entering the market. Elsewhere in the UK, more and more homeowners are investing in home improvements to increase the value of their home. Our table below highlights where the home improvement hotspots are:

  • Plymouth (33%)
  • Sheffield (27%)
  • Norwich (21%)
  • London (20%)
  • Glasgow (20%)
  • Nottingham (17%)
  • Liverpool (17%)
  • Manchester (16%)
  • Newcastle (16%)
  • Cardiff (14%)
  • Birmingham (11%)
  • Edinburgh (9%)
  • Leeds (7%)
  • Bristol (7%)
  • Belfast (6%)

If you’re looking to sell, you might want to make some quick fixes to spruce up your home and make it more appealing to prospective buyers. It might seem that making home improvements and social distancing are mutually exclusive, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some ways you can make fairly quick upgrades to your home and convince potential buyers that your house could be their dream home:

#1 Your first impression

Standing in your front garden clapping for the NHS every week is sure to have instilled some front door envy amongst a few people. If you’re looking at your neighbour’s front doors and wishing yours was a little more stylish, now is the perfect time to upgrade.

Composite front door by Thames Valley Window Company

Your new entrance door can be made of PVC-u, aluminium, steel or wood or a composite of materials, and each has their own qualities and benefits – from price, durability, design and appearance, through to energy efficiency performance and security. New entrance doors nowadays mostly come pre-hung in a frame and are known as doorsets, with pre-drilling for handles, keeps and locks meaning it’s a fairly quick job, so tradespeople won’t be at your home for long.

For inspiration, check out our gallery, here.

#2 – Consider what can add value to your home

It’s well known that larger investment projects, like kitchen and bathroom renovations, sell homes and can make all the difference when buyers are weighing up making an offer. If you’re moving, you might not want to invest in a full new suite, but there are changes you can make that can give your home a new lease of life. Consider replacing dirty, damaged or outdated shower screens for a sparkling new version, or why not invest in new splashbacks, mirrors or cabinets.

Glass splashback by All Glass and Glazing

Similarly, kitchens can also benefit by introducing glass features such as splashbacks, countertops and mirrors. Make some easy changes and you could be watching offers flying in!

#3 – The WOW factor

A house sale listing with a wow factor is always likely to get more viewings and we’d recommend making this one of the first things people spot when they come to view your home. One way to do this, and instantly modernise your home, is by replacing a chipped or old fashioned wooden stair banister with a modernglass balustrade. Glass balustrades can add a sophisticated touch to your interior spacewhile often bringing in more  light but still ensuringsafety.

Glass balustrade by Peterlee Glass

A stylish and versatile glass balustrade for your staircase, , patio or landing can bring a fresh modern look to your home, provide an uninterrupted view and help revitalise your living environment.

#4 Repair items that can cause long-term damage

Whilst a stained carpet isn’t likely to be a make or break feature in deciding whether to buy a home, broken items that can cause long term damage are. For example, if you have leaking windows, this can cause rainwater and damp to enter a property and potentially lead to longer terms significant financial investment. If prospective buyers, see or smell damp, it is instantly off putting when it comes to buying a property.

It also worth considering repairing any damaged windows and entry points into your home and even replace them completely to make sure any potential buyers view your home as safe, secure and energy-efficient.

If you are planning on hiring a home improvement company to make changes to your home before selling then it’s important you keep you and the  tradespeople  safe. That’s why the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has created the  Safe Guide for Homeowners, covering everything you need to know about working with home improvement companies during lockdown. Why not also read our other blogs on top tips for planning your home improvement and how to work with installers remotely.

If you are selling or buying a property, we hope this article has provided you with inspiration to upgrade your home and make it as sellable as possible.

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