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How to keep a conservatory cool in summer

Tuesday, 2nd June 2020

Conservatories are bright, airy spaces you can enjoy in all seasons, however, an overheated conservatory can spoil the fun. Discover our tips to reduce heat and keep cool this summer.

timber conservatory everest

There is a reason the conservatory is so popular as a home extension – this versatile glazed extension has endless design possibilities and can be adapted to any lifestyle.

An abundance of glazed surfaces bathe the conservatory in natural light. Yet with sunlight comes heat! Energy-efficient glazing is designed to minimise heat lost through windows, however, if this heat becomes trapped overheating can become an issue.

Luckily there are several things you can do to ensure your conservatory reduces its heat and remains a cool and relaxing place over summer.

Ventilate your conservatory well


ventilate conservatory anglian

Air trapped in a conservatory is a surefire recipe for overheating. The most obvious way to reduce the chance of a ‘greenhouse effect’ occurring is to ensure air can circulate easily between the indoors and outdoors.

There are many ways to ventilate your conservatory – from the rapid purge ventilation of simply opening a window or door, to passive background ventilation via permanent roof vents or trickle ventilators in windows.

Adequate ventilation will help keep your conservatory cool in hot weather – but that’s not all it will do. It will also ensure airborne moisture and pollutants are regularly flushed out of your home.

This will keep the indoor air quality high, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable living environment (and helping lessen the chance of condensation).

Shade your conservatory from the sun


Conservatory by Ultraframe

Roof and window blinds, shades, awnings, and sails can shield a conservatory from direct sunlight and provide welcome respite at the height of summer.

Some strategic planting in the garden can have a similar effect. Trees planted adjacent to a conservatory can provide natural sun cover – deciduous trees can even still let the sun through during winter.

Install solar control or tinted glazing


Conservatory with solar control glass by GGF Member

The sun brings light but also heat. Special types of glazing can act as a filter between the two, accepting the light while reducing the amount of the sun’s heat transmitted into a conservatory.

Solar control glass allows sunlight to pass through but reflects and radiates away some of the heat. Using this type of glazing on the roof and windows of a conservatory can have a significant effect on the temperature within.

Retrofit window film to glazed surfaces


Solar bronze 20 film fitted to conservatory roof by Able Install

Don’t want to replace your conservatory glazing? Window film can provide similar reductions in solar heat gain.

Applied directly to the glass, specialised solar control window film can help to dramatically reduce overheating in conservatories. It can also help in reducing glare and provide UV protection that protects furniture and furnishings from fading.

Our advice: Plan ahead & combine strategies

Victorian conservatory by Kitson Windows

The best way to prevent a conservatory from overheating is to design it that way from the start. Talk to a conservatory professional about your options at the design stage to ensure your new glazed extension remains comfortable even at the hottest time of the year.

If you do find yourself with a conservatory that gets uncomfortably warm, consider all of the above options not just separately but in combination as well. As each conservatory design and location is different, the combination of strategies that will best tackle an overheated conservatory will be unique to each situation.

Glazing professionals can help you find the right solution for your conservatory – find your local GGF Member companies using the ‘Find a glazing company’ search above.

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