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Out Shopping? Don’t Forget Your Mask

Thursday, 23rd July 2020

If you are out shopping for home improvement products or materials, don’t forget your mask or face covering, because if you don’t wear one you could face a £100 fine.

From Friday 24th July, the Government legislation on face coverings and masks, came into force, meaning it’s mandatory to wear one when in a retail outlet (including showrooms and building suppliers/merchants) in England.

38% of homeowners expect home improvement company’s employees to wear a face covering or mask, now the new legislation has made it mandatory for all retail staff to wear masks or face coverings. So expect whoever is serving you in a shop or showroom, to also be wearing a mask or face covering.

Quick guide

  • From Friday, July 24, it’s the law that people entering shops, including showrooms, DIY stores and builders merchants in England – must wear face coverings or masks

  • A DIY face-covering can be used — even just a scarf or a thin cloth mask

  • The legislation applies to employees working or visiting the retail outlet (including showroom/builders merchants/DIY stores) as well as customers

  • Wearing a face mask or face covering while shopping is a vital “insurance policy” to stop coronavirus exploding again according to the government.

  • The government also warned that for face coverings to be effective, people must wash their hands before putting them on and taking them off

  • Best advice from Government’s is to use a simple face covering, and don’t buy up lots of standard medical masks as they are still needed for the NHS/essential workers

  • Don’t forget. If you don’t wear a mask or face covering in a shop you could be fined £100 on the spot.

MyGlazing’s Health and Safety expert James MacPherson commented;

“It’s important to adhere to the law and wear a mask or face covering in a retail outlet, but don’t get drawn into a false sense of security with face coverings. Face coverings protect others from you – the wearer, spreading the virus, not the reverse – protecting you from catching the virus. So make sure you continue to manage the risk with social distancing, re-designing work places, washings hands, etc. and not simply relying on face coverings. Stay safe.”

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