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Ventilation – a breath of fresh air for your home

Tuesday, 6th June 2017

Energy efficient glazing can keep warm air inside your home, however adequate ventilation is just as important for the quality and enjoyment of your living spaces.

window open jug with flower on windowsill

Is your home well ventilated? Energy efficient windows and doors are great at keeping heat inside a home, however it is just as important to provide adequate ventilation so that the air in your home is regularly replenished.

Poor ventilation can lead to a build up of airborne pollutants and high moisture content as water vapour from cooking and washing up becomes trapped inside. This can impact on the healthiness of your living environment and can increase the risks of condensation occurring.

Discover our home ventilation resources to help with planning your home improvements.

Home ventilation basics

home ventilation basics diagram of house

Ventilating a home helps to create a healthy living environment – find out how and about the different ventilation strategies available to homeowners. Read more…

Advice on ventilation when replacing windows and doors

house with conservatory and open bifold doors

Need to replace windows in your home? It’s important to consider your property’s ventilation requirements when selecting new windows. Read more…

Trickle Vents: Ventilation for Windows

trickle vent on blue background

Installed as part of the window unit, trickle ventilators can provide constant, unobtrusive and secure background ventilation for a home. Read more…

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